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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wondering... were will they go?

Now, and for the past 15 years since his adoption, this is the way he lives.
Three mares live in the corral behind him.
His cage, only 12 X 15 feet, his shelter a broken 6 X 10 foot lean to with one corner post broken, he must crawl to get in under cover. His spot is in Mt Shasta where 5 feet of snow at one time is common.

 Today he can be seen on Craig's List

appy stud - $65 (mt.shasta)

Date: 2010-09-21, 8:58AM PDT
Reply to:

16 year old appy stud. mustang. have papers throughs colored babies. no bad stud attitude. ilness forces sale

Along with her...

The corral is scattered with dump heaps as seen in the background.
The 2 paint mares in the background are also listed for sale.

horse - $100 (mt.shasta)

Date: 2010-09-21, 9:14AM PDT
Reply to:

15 year old mustang mare. can be ridden by VERY expirened riders. wonderful brood mare. throws babies with great personalities. ilness forces sale

The rest of the story?
Being a small community many concerned citizens have expressed their interest for these horses welfare, especially the stallions. Animal control has been notified many times. Their response is always "They are being fed, there is nothing we can do." The horses have even been in animal controls custody after they had escaped and were running near interstate 5.

Many times help was offered and adamantly refused. Help to gentle the stallion, help to build new fences, help to clean up the dump sites, help to repair his shelter, all refused, "We don't like people coming around here."

A local vet even tried to purchase the stallion for $1000.00, the offer... denied.

Where will they go now?

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