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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tortue Is Not A Crime?

Allegan mustang owner will not face criminal charges, but county will continue to monitor the horses

Someone please tell this mother starvation is not a crime...

Her foal died three days after birth
Wild animals locked in a cage

Tell it to this horse...

May 22nd, photo by Jodi Louth during her assessment for hay donation visit
Two weeks ago after he was removed from Wendi's and at his new adoptive home
Here he is after being captive for six weeks while still at Litchfield Corrals
photo taken October 8, 2010
Just days after his capture, Litchfield Corrals August 21, 2010
click on photo to enlarge

Allegan County Prosecutor Fred Anderson said the Sheriff's Office “will continue to assist the owner to ensure that all the horses are properly placed and maintained in a state of good health as required by state law. “If not this office will take further action to protect the safety of these horses.”

Here is Romeo, center furthest back, on May 22nd by Jodi Louth during her assessment for hay donation visit

Romeo on June 8th,still at Wendi's, and after being under the "careful watch" of the Sheriff's Dept.
for 2 1/2 weeks while he continued to decline
Jodi Louth from the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition was astounded that his condition had deteriorated to this extent so quickly.

Romeo the day he was captured, BLM photo Aug. 14, 2010

See more about Romeo and all these horses below.

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