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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Will the BLM Help?

Removed from Twin Peaks HMA on August 12th, 2010   BLM photo
Now suffering in Michigan
On June 20th the Bureau of Land Management was given the opportunity to step up and do something good and right for these former residents of Twin Peaks Herd Management Area. The following is the email and letter sent through their ranks.

Attached is a letter of action that I am requesting of the BLM, on behalf of Jodi Louth of the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition (MHWC) and the 29 starving horses now in Michigan from the Twin Peaks HMA. As we discussed last Friday on the phone the real situation in Michigan is far more grave than the press releases have described. Jodi Louth has expressed to me that this number of wild horses is far beyond their area of expertise.
Law Enforcement and Animal Control do not know where to go with or even how to get this many horses to safety so they have not yet done a seizure. While they are looking for help, transportation and foster care, the horses remain with Wendi Bierling, who continues to mistreat and starve these caged wild animals. Mares and foals have already perished and 3 of the geldings are in critical condition.
The saving grace in this whole mess is that Barbara Clarke at DreamCatcher’s Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary has promised to give these misplaced horses refuge, a place to live the rest of their lives in peace, which is a very generous security.
We just need to get them there.

Followed on June 21st by...
The situation is getting worse, the authorities are letting Wendi disburse the horses so they will not have to seize them.
Jodi Louth is desperately trying to find where they are going and is afraid it is "Port Huron, the gateway to slaughter in Canada".

We had been informed by a friend of Wendi's that the horses go without food sometimes for days.
There are photos showing they had resorted to eating the wood siding and insulation from exterior barn walls.

We then pointed out to the BLM their own laws protecting Sale Authority Horses.
Congressional Record - House Vol. 151, Pt. 8 May 19, 2005

Before all sales this Sale Questionnaire must be reviewed and signed by BLM official Sally Spencer after interviewing the buyer.
Sally Spencer
Wild Horse & Burro Program
Office: 202-452-5196
Cell: 202-641-6106
Fax: 202-653-9084

Then a  Bill Of Sale is signed for each horse sold, stating purchaser understands a wild horses needs and intends to provide humane care for the horse.

Read more about sales here...
BLM Wild Horse Sales Information Page 

So it would seem not only are Michigan humane care laws being broken but Federal Laws as well. 

We were not asking for the BLM to repossess the horses or even provide care for the animals financially or physically, but only to assist the local authorities in the recommended seizure and transport.

So far, not even a reply from the BLM.

Attempting to lead his family to safety August 20th, 2010  BLM photo
At Litchfield Corrals October 8th, 2010
Now in Michigan

Hay bribe
They call him "Surfer Dude"

Above horse, photographed here the day of his capture...

photo by the Humane Observer: Elyse Gardner
photo by the Humane Observer: Elyse Gardner
Also visit Humane Observer blog for more information and ways to become involved.

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