After a trip to the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and experiencing the thrill of seeing horses in the wild, we realized there may be others who wish to observe unbound Mustangs. So armed with our cameras, binoculars, maps and 4WD we will venture into these wild and rugged places. Within these electronic pages we will share what is out there… Where The Wild Horses Are… living life naturally. Exploring also some of the places they come to be when removed from these management areas.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

November Visit To Litchfield WH&B Corrals

November 24th, 2010

As you look through the following pictures notice what the horses are eating and what is on their lips. Photos were taken at approximately noon, hay has not been put out yet. They are fed once a day, a straight alfalfa ration, that lasts them about two hours.

Cryptorchid pen.
Cryptorchid pen.
Cryptorchid pen.
Older mares scheduled for hip branding as sale authority the following week.

Possible release mares and mules along with mare mule pairs not yet weaned.

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