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Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Then Came Thunder!

August 7, 2010 cont...
"Wait a horse is coming down the hill... no, it's a whole herd!"
They were charging down through the Junipers to the water hole, no zig zagging, no hesitation, just straight, fearlessly to water.

The Stallion in the lead, I could already feel his incredible power.
They all disappeared down into the hole.
Then his head popped up just as a big gust of cold wind swirled up the dust... and the thunder roared!

She drank her fill and surfaced to keep watch. While her foal nursed she spotted me...
and so did he. Oh my god his eyes were so intense!
He came straight up to get a better look, we were downwind of them so they had only sight guiding them. His sons followed closely...
galloping straight toward us!
He is so on purpose, so powerful, the air seemed to crackle with his vibrant energy... and the thunder roared above us.
The pickup was now his focus...
his attention left us as the truck seemed to pose more of a threat. His family retreated.
The pickup sent them into flight.
He stopped to get one more look at me leaning against a Juniper because my legs were no longer able to hold me up.
He paused a moment, his attention slit between me and the other horses up on the hill...
and then it was time to go. His attention now split between me and the pickup. He circled around again as his family proceeded up the hill.
Then he joined them, the Buckskin Mare followed by her foal, the Bay Mare, and his 2 young sons.
What a perfect family!

The storm is coming we need to go back to camp.
My life, changed forever. Never before have I felt such magnificent, fearless, wild, powerful, LIFE.
The realization of how not alive I am, by comparison, hit me hard.

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