After a trip to the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and experiencing the thrill of seeing horses in the wild, we realized there may be others who wish to observe unbound Mustangs. So armed with our cameras, binoculars, maps and 4WD we will venture into these wild and rugged places. Within these electronic pages we will share what is out there… Where The Wild Horses Are… living life naturally. Exploring also some of the places they come to be when removed from these management areas.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down...

August 1, 2010 ~ We decided to try and find Painters Flat again after looking at maps and determining where we were the day before was not it but an access road to Smoke Creek just South of Big Spring.

On our way out we stopped at the water troughs again to see if anyone was there. No one there so we drove on up to the top of Spanish Springs Peak, and there they were heading down for a drink!

The White Stallion band passing by below the Chestnuts.
White mare leading and headed down the hill.

The White Stallion bringing up the rear.
Then came back to have a discussion with the Chestnut.
Dropping over the ridge with one last look around.
The Chestnut and his family right behind.
We watched until they were all out of sight then continued up to the peak.
It was full of blooms, bees and butterflies.
Oh and views!

Chipmunk picnic table.
Looking at Shinn Peak.
Horse Mint and Indian Paintbrush
Horse Mint

On the way down we came across this beautiful red mare. She was on the other side of the fence and walked curiously toward us when we stopped the truck, then continued nibbling.
Then we saw him just down from her on this side of the fence. They seemed together but separated by the fence. The other herd was no where near them.
They were just nipping off the seed tops.
Moving closer to the red mare.
Prickly Poppy. So beautiful to see such delicate looking flowers in such rugged surroundings.

Now down the road to Painters Flat!

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