After a trip to the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and experiencing the thrill of seeing horses in the wild, we realized there may be others who wish to observe unbound Mustangs. So armed with our cameras, binoculars, maps and 4WD we will venture into these wild and rugged places. Within these electronic pages we will share what is out there… Where The Wild Horses Are… living life naturally. Exploring also some of the places they come to be when removed from these management areas.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bay Stallion and Mule from Painters Flat

The coolest thing ever, when we got home Saturday night I found the following email in my inbox! It is from Linda Hay and she has been watching and photographing the wild horses at Twin Peaks for the last 30 years with her family. I am so honored she chose to share some of her pictures with us.


"Hello..I met you today...(wildhorse roundup) and I have looking at your have done a wonderful job...I laughed when I saw your pictures of the mule and the stallion....I bet this is the same guys.  We found them winter of the southwestern part of Painters Flat...I am so sure this is the same group...
I enjoyed visiting with you.
Take care...Linda"
View All Photos | Braver in pairs, this little mule and the stallion seem to be great friends | ♪ ♫   Lin ღ
Photo by Linda Hay
View All Photos | Friends for sure... | ♪ ♫   Lin ღ
Photo by Linda Hay
View All Photos | ♪ ♫   Lin ღ
Photo by Linda Hay
View All Photos | hmmm, wondering if I shoud find a  tree | ♪ ♫   Lin ღ
Photo by Linda Hay
"He was so curious at first...the mares stayed up on the ridge, and he and his little side kick came down to check me out.."
View All Photos | A little closer, step by step | ♪ ♫   Lin ღ
Photo by Linda Hay

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures Linda and we look forward to meeting up with you again!
See more of Linda's beautiful photography here  Run With The Wild Ones

I also believe these are the same horses and mule we photographed, I recognize the big Sorrel Mare with the large blaze too.
The following are more photos of them we took on August 1st, 2010.
Also see this post The Water Hole at Painters Flat.

Mule and Red Mare with large blaze.
Mule watches over the band while...
the Stallion made his deposit on a stud pile.

If anyone has pictures or information they would like to share here please email us.


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