After a trip to the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and experiencing the thrill of seeing horses in the wild, we realized there may be others who wish to observe unbound Mustangs. So armed with our cameras, binoculars, maps and 4WD we will venture into these wild and rugged places. Within these electronic pages we will share what is out there… Where The Wild Horses Are… living life naturally. Exploring also some of the places they come to be when removed from these management areas.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gather Operatons Day 11 cont...

9:50 Approximately 1 hour 30mns had past since refueling and the helicopter was bringing a large herd over the ridge to the North. Up to 50 were counted by observers. In this photo I can count 41 but some could be running side by side.

They split up in the Junipers

Working them out of the trees.
Here come two of the bands that had separated from the large herd.

Up to the barbed wire fence
Moving them slowly up to and along the fence line so they
don't run into the barbed wire or pass by the opening.
The Stallions spotted us.

Through the gate and headed across the flat.

Slowed down while moving along the backside of the trap wing so they don't get going the wrong direction along the jute barrier fence.
Around the end of the wing now.
Across the flat toward the road.
Turned up the road. The Judas horse released.
Leads them into the trap.
Last push from behind.
Everyone is in and the wranglers rush in to close the panel gate.


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