After a trip to the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and experiencing the thrill of seeing horses in the wild, we realized there may be others who wish to observe unbound Mustangs. So armed with our cameras, binoculars, maps and 4WD we will venture into these wild and rugged places. Within these electronic pages we will share what is out there… Where The Wild Horses Are… living life naturally. Exploring also some of the places they come to be when removed from these management areas.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Into Twin Peaks HMA

So here the wilderness story begins.
July 30, 2010 ~ We made it!

Shinn Mountain
Wild horse country...

and we were greeted by cows, lots of cows.

We set up camp at the Ramshorn campground then quickly took our first ride out to find horses. Only 3 miles up the road we saw some at a watering spot.

WhaaHooo! I was so excited!

On Spanish Springs Mountain
A Chestnut Stallion keeping his girls at a respectable distance while the White Stallions family drank.

The large group moving away from the water tank.

White Stallion charged back down the hill toward the Chestnut's band.

The Family Drinking

Red Dun Filly

The Chestnut takes his band over the hill in the opposite direction as the White

White Stallion watched.

 Up and

over the ridge they went.

According to the USGS topo map this area is called Summit Troughs but it is not marked on the BLM map we had.

We were very surprised at how many barbed wire fences, cattle guards and how much twisted wire there was. These horses seemed to be contained in a large pasture.

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